All the details of a Musser M-55 Pro Vibraphone, in conjunction with the stellar performance of award-winning vibraphonist and composer Fred Selva, bring a unique sound to the library, which in addition to the singles Hits, also have more than 180 phrases, divided into motifs, ostinatos, arpeggios, and traditional jazz links.


The repinique was established in samba percussion in the 1950s. This drum was made out of wood with natural heads made from goatskin. Normally used in samba schools (percussion ensembles). It is tuned very high to produce a tone that cuts through the sound of the rest of the ensemble.


The Afoxé is a percussive instrument that is constructed with loops of a steel ball chain wrapped around a wide cylinder. The cylinder is fixed to a long, narrow, wooden or plastic handle. The player places his non-dominant hand on the metal chain, to provide pressure, while holding the wooden handle with the other hand and twisting the instrument back and forth as per the rhythmic pattern desired.

Repique de Mão

The Repique de Mão was created by percussionist Ubirani, musician of Fundo de Quintal, a legendar samba group in Brazil. The instrument was frequently used by other samba groups all around the country. Born from a drum Tom, the Repique de Mão allows the instrumentalist to “swing” over the beat of the song.


The cajón is a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, primarily played in Afro-Peruvian music, as well as contemporary music styles and genres. Three different models were used in the recording. Each one a distinct sonority.

Brazilian Series: Drums

Brazilian Series: Drums presents a versatile rich performance of Brazilian rhythms. Over a year of development and more than 10000 samples, the library brings a jazz drum kit payed by the prominent Brazilian drummer Gabriel Bruce.

Brazilian Series: Cuíca 2

As part of samba schools from the 1930’s the Cuíca is present in various aspects of Brazilian music and became a tool with features typical of Brazil.

Brazilian Series: Tam Tam

The Tantã is a percussive instrument consisting of cylindrical type of side drum similar to the brazilian atabaque with a wooden or aluminum shaft.

Brazilian Series: Berimbau

The berimbau consists of an arched rod made of wood or polyester with an approximate length of 1.50 – 1.70 meters and a steel wire attached to the ends of the pole.

Brazilian Series: Caxixi & Agogô

The Caxixi is a percussion instrument made of a closed basket with a flat-bottom filled with seeds or other small particles.

Travel Congas

The Travel Congas sound like traditional Congas, with a compact rum of 11.75″x3.5″ in diameter, maintaining a wooden structure just like the real size Congas.

Brazilian Series: Surdo

The Surdo is a Brazilian bass drum usually made of wood or metal with skin on both sides.

Brazilian Series: Timbal

Timbal is a Brazilian percussive instrument derived from Caxambu used mainly in the cultural afro-brazilian niche.

“In terms of quality, the Muletone Audio library is the best, having deeper sampling than anything else out there for the equivalent instruments and also offering different samples based on how long of a sustain is desired”

Mark Schmieder - Composer - California, US

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Reid Rosefelt - NY Film Publicist - Brooklin, US

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