Travel Congas

The Travel Congas sound like traditional Congas, with a compact rum of 11.75″x3.5″ in diameter, maintaining a wooden structure just like the real size Congas.

Price: $17.99

Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
163 Samples
02-01 Channel Buses
Available as Direct Download

Full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required (Not for Kontakt Player)


The wood shell and stave construction is identical to our full-size congas, and the Remo FiberSkyn 3 synthetic head yields outstanding tone while resisting fluctuations from changes in temperature or humidity.

The great musician, composer and percussionist Marcos Nascimento played the instrument. He recorded many traditional Brazilian rhythms and several grooves. The files have Single Hits in Round Robin at 4x, and synchronized loops.

  • Update Log V1.4:


    • New Faders
    • New Panners
    • Solo button Added
    • New Level Meter on individual Buses
    • Label Amount visualizer
    • Master EQ Added
    • Reset to Default knobs and faders added



Single Hits

  • Travel Congas

Rhythmic Loops (Sync)

  • Cells (132 bpm)
  • Cells 5/8 (100 bpm)
  • Cells 6/8 (100 bpm)
  • Cuban Grooves (105 bpm)
  • Samba Duro Grooves (85 bpm)
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