• $29.99

  • Kontakt VST / AU / AAX

  • 1715 Samples – 931,5 MB

  • 05 – 02 – Channels Buses

  • 6 Pandeiros – Over 160 Loops
  • Available as Direct Download

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required (Not for Kontakt Player)


Gear Used:

Recording using a pair of Neumann KM184, a Royer M122, a Shure SM57 and a Neumann U87. The preamp section used was a UA 2610, API 512A and Grace M501, routed in a Symphony Apogee.

Dance with the Music

In the new session we have a performance of the percussion Guru, Robson Batata, bringing an extensive variation of rhythms and grooves, in addition to modern rhythmic cells that allow more versatility use for the Pandeiro.


In this video we’ll show you the sound of the library. We will also see some features and and how to use them.

Listen the Sounds of Pandeiro 2


No hundreds of effects and loads of knobs which you don’t use. Each effect has been made to enhance the sample intelligently.

Ability to download

PC 2.0Ghz+, 4GB ram (8GB Recommended)
MAC 2.0Ghz, 4GB ram (8GB Recommended)


1715 Samples. Recorded using a Grace M101, API 512a, and UA 2610. Everything recorded at 44100Hz, 24bit at Symphony Apogee.

Fully Dynamic

The samples offer from the slightest touch to the strongest attack providing more freedom to create dynamic rhythms and beats.

*Kontakt Full Version

Please Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.6 or above is required (Not for Kontakt Player)

Single Hits

  • Pandeiro 1
  • Pandeiro 2
  • Pandeiro 3
  • Pandeiro 4
  • Pandeiro 6

Rhythmic Loops (no sync)

Pandeiro 1 – 04-03 Buses

  • Slow Grooves (75 bpm)
  • Slow Grooves (sync)
  • Samba – (100 bpm)
  • Samba (Sync)
  • Samba-enredo (140 bpm)
  • Samba-enredo (sync)

Pandeiro 2 – 04-02 Buses

  • Brazilian Cells – (75bpm)
  • Brazilian Cells – (sync)
  • Traditional Grooves (100 bpm)
  • Traditional Grooves (sync)
  • Fast Rhythms (140 bpm)
  • Fast Rhythms (sync)

Pandeiro 3 – 02 Buses

  • Swing – (85 bpm)
  • Swing – (Sync)

Pandeiro 4 – 02 Buses

  • Funk  – (120 bpm)
  • Funk – (sync)
  • Samba and Coco (100 bpm)
  • Samba and Coco (sync)
  • Shake (100 bpm)
  • Shake (sync)
  • Techno (140 bpm)
  • Techno (sync)

Pandeiro 5 – 02 Buses

  • Stick – (100 bpm)
  • Stick – (Sync)

Pandeiro 6 – 02 Buses

  • Samba – (101 bpm)
  • Samba – (Sync)
  • Choro – (128 bpm)
  • Choro – (sync)

Pandeiro 2


Muletone Audio presents the Brazilian Series. Instruments from Brazil with a unique focus in their playability and their musical language. With an entirely Brazilian production muletone explores each instrument in minute detail. Unlike others libraries the Brazilian Series brings a real depth and perspective of Brazil’s instruments respecting their individual characteristics.

In the new session we have the performance of the percussion Guru, Robson Batata, bringing an extensive variation of rhythms and grooves, in addition to modern rhythmic cells that allow more versatility of use for the Pandeiro. There are 6 .nki files with groups of cells distributed at 3 different bpm. They all have fixed time and sync. In addition to the Robson session, we have another performance previously recorded by the great musicians, Marcos Nascimento and Paulo Gomes. Altogether we have 14 different .nki rhythms files (6 instruments) and more than 160 loops, along with 5 Pandeiros in Single Hits.

“SOUNDS GREAT! SOUNDS AUTHENTIC! I am using a Cuica for a remix of a song and it definitely brought out the life of the song! Loved it!”

David Garza - Kontakt Hub Review

“This is a nice, well-played kit with considerable nuance. I compared this with XLN’s Addictive Drums Jazz Brushes, and Muletone is so much more subtle and real.”

Thomas Owens - Drums Kontakt Hub Review

“In terms of quality, the Muletone Audio library is the best, having deeper sampling than anything else out there for the equivalent instruments and also offering different samples based on how long of a sustain is desired”

Mark Schmieder - Composer - California, US

“If you love World percussion virtual instruments and you like Brazil then you need to know Muletone Audio because they make the very best ones.”

Reid Rosefelt - NY Film Publicist - Brooklin, US

“…This is really helpful if you want to spice up your compositions with some shakerish elements… Does what it offers very well. A cool opposite towards all that boomish wacky epic percussion stuff”

Sarah Fenstermacher - Afoxé Kontakt Hub Review

“Great Drum Tool! Both excellent sounds and patterns for brazilian type of songs.”

Markus Roesch - Drums Kontakt Hub Review

“I really do love what you make, the instruments sound terrific! And I appreciate the customer support. “

Jonathan Natchez - LA Producer - California, US

“Really natural sounding Brazilian percussion. I bought this to do some dance/club music in the style of Buraka Sound System”

Jer Olsen - Kontakt Hub Review

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