Gunga, Médio and Viola

The berimbau consists of an arched rod made of wood or polyester with an approximate length of 1.50 – 1.70 meters and a steel wire attached to the ends of the pole.

Price: $17.99

Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
203 Samples
01 Channel Bus
Available as Direct Download

Full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required (Not for Kontakt Player)


Sacrad Rhythms

The Gunga touches the grave line, inside a capoeira wheel is usually the leader, followed by the other instruments. The gunga performer also leads the singing, as well as inviting the other performers to enter the song.

The Médio complements the Gunga. While the Gunga plays a simple eighth note pattern, the Médio can play a sixteenth note variation. The dialogue between the Gunga and the Médiocharacterizes the touch and the Médio reverses the melody of the Gunga with improvisation.

The Viola plays most of the improvisations within the rhythm set by the other two. The Viola performer harmonizes and breaks accents in the songs.

The great musician, composer and percussionist Marcos Nascimento played the two instruments. He recorded many traditional Brazilian rhythms and several grooves. The files have Single Hits in Round Robin at 4x, and synchronized loops.



Single Hits

  • Berimbau Medio
  • Berimbau Viola
  • Berimbau Gunga

Rhythmic Loops (Sync)

  • Berimbau Gunga – Funk (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Gunga – Funk (sync)
  • Berimbau Gunga – Maracatu (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Gunga – Maracatu (sync)
  • Berimbau Gunga – Samba (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Gunga – Samba (sync)
  • Berimbau Medio – Funk (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Medio – Funk (sync)
  • Berimbau Medio – Maracatu (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Medio – Maracatu (sync)
  • Berimbau Samba – (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Samba – (sync)
  • Berimbau Viola – Funk (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Viola – Funk (sync)
  • Berimbau Viola – Maracatu (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Viola – Maracatu (sync)
  • Berimbau Viola Samba (100 bpm)
  • Berimbau Viola Samba (sync)
  • Update Log 1.2:


    • Label Amount visualizer
    • Master EQ Added
    • Reset to Default knobs and faders added
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