Following the recording standards of recent libraries, the Bongos was recorded using the best microphones as well as class A preamps, bringing the maximum details of the instrument.

Price: $19.99

Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
850 Samples – 554 MB
04-02 Channel Buses
Available as Direct Download

Full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required (Not for Kontakt Player)


Gear Used:

Recording using a pair of Neumann 184 and a pair of Shure SM57. The preamp section used was API 512A and Grace M501, routed in a Symphony Apogee.

Versatile Grooves

Now, with a level meter on each microphone, in addition to a waveform display, making loops easier to view and making the assembly of grooves simpler. A main label display has also been added for more precise adjustments of parameters. 

In the new session we have the performance of the percussion Guru, Robson Batata, bringing an extensive variation of rhythms and grooves, in addition to modern rhythmic cells that allow more versatility of use for Bongôs.



Single Hits

  • Bongos – Single Hits

Rhythmic Loops (Sync)

  • Salsa – (Sync)
  • Salsa – (100 bpm)
  • Cells – (Sync)
  • Cells – (140 bpm)
  • Bolero Variations – (Sync)
  • Bolero Variations – (100 bpm)
  • Bolero II – (sync)
  • Bolero II – (110 bpm)
  • Afoxe – (sync)
  • Afoxe – (140 bpm)
  • Afoxe II – (Sync)
  • Afoxe II – (110 bpm)
  • Traditional Grooves – (sync)
  • Traditional Grooves – (75 bpm)
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